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Car Accident Compensation

Have you suffered personal injury as a consequence of an accident that wasn’t your fault? If that’s the case, we could help ease the burden with car accident compensation. Aided by our expert car accident solicitors, you could recoup losses incurred as a direct result of your car crash, as well as remuneration for car crash injuries. This is offered on a full and fair no win, no fee basis, ensuring that if you do win, you get to keep 100% of your car accident compensation.

A few examples of claims we’ve successfully undertaken include those:

  •   Directly injured as a passenger or driver.
  •   Injured as a passenger, due to driver error.
  •   Involved in hit and run, or pedestrian accidents.
  •   Suffering injuries as a result of a family vehicle accident.
  •   Seeking justice for a car accident within the last three years.

No Win, No Fee Compensation – At No Cost!

Our independent team of car accident lawyers operate on a nationwide basis, aiding victims suffering common car accident injuries, such as whiplash. As long as we can prove you were not at fault, there’s a strong certainty we can support your claim for car accident compensation. Often, all but the most complicated of cases can be handled with minimal stress to you, or the need to attend court. There are no fees, complex forms or awkward questions; just straightforward support and advice for non fault car accident victims.


Car Accident Compensation Entitlement

Car accidents vary greatly in severity and outcome, which is why it is vital your claim is handled by car accident solicitors who are specialists in this field. Entitlement to car accident compensation is decided using variable factors, which include types of injury sustained, as well as the longterm financial implications and loss to you personally. Car accident lawyers are assigned to our cases based on their relevant experience, therefore you can be assured that whomsoever deals with your case is fully conversant with all aspects of car accident claims.

Representative compensation examples for successful claims:

  •   Moderate neck injuries and whiplash – from £7,750 to £13,500*
  •   Minor back injuries – up to £8,000*
  •   Psychological trauma – from £1,000 to £23,500* depending on severity.

*Representative examples are given as a guideline only and should not be used for self-assessment prior to making a claim for car accident compensation. If you would like an estimate based upon your circumstances, please visit our online car accident compensation calculator here.

If you are unsure whether you have a case, or you would like to discuss your circumstances in confidence, please call our advice line on: , or fill out the short online form for a personalised response.