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Were You The Driver?

Car Driver Accident ClaimWere you the driver injured as a result of someone else’s careless mistake? If you were a driver injured in a road traffic accident over the past three years, there is a strong possibility you could meet our criteria for justly deserved car accident compensation. In most car accident injury cases, it is relatively easy to pinpoint where the true fault lies. Our car accident injury solicitors provide immediate support for straightforward car accident cases, yet can also help with complicated situations where the fault of another driver is not so easily identifiable.

Our car accident solicitors have successfully overseen thousands of car accident claims, including, but not limited to those involving mature drivers, first time drivers and drivers of commercial vehicles. Offered on an unrestricted no win, no fee basis, there really is nothing to lose!

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Car Accident Compensation Claims For Drivers

All drivers, regardless of experience, are required by law to hold appropriate insurance for anyone who uses their registered vehicle. Insurance most commonly provides cover for extremely minor car incidents, as well as bumps, scratches and grazes to the bodywork caused by a third party. Car insurance also provides cover in the event of a more serious occurrence, such as rear, head-on or side-on collision that results in injury to another driver. Car accident lawyers seek damages arising from injury and personal loss directly from the insurer of the driver at fault, meaning there are no costs accrued for legal fees or representation.

Car Accidents Caused By External Conditions

Around 95% of car accidents caused in the UK are the result of driver error, be it speeding, intoxication or making the wrong decision. In rare circumstances, the conditions of roads themselves can be identified as the cause of an accident. These might include surface water from blocked drains, potholes, unrepaired speed humps or non-identifiable road markings at a junction. With years of experience in car accident litigation, our solicitors have successfully dealt with all manner of car injury claims caused by dangerous external conditions. They seek damages directly from the highway owner or responsible council, meaning that your car accident compensation claim can still have a positive outcome.

With our no win, no fee guarantee and proven expertise, you can be assured your car accident injury claim will be undertaken professionally and sympathetically. Our car accident solicitors are committed to ensuring you receive the maximum compensation for your case, minus the stress of court appearances or recounting the trauma for evidence at trial.

Should you be in any doubt regarding the cause of your accident, contact one of our representatives for free, impartial advice today on: All enquiries are handled in complete confidence and even if the circumstances are unclear, we may still be able to help!